The Birthday Party

Birthday parties are so awesome.
Even if the birthday girl is turning one
and will not remember how we stayed up past midnight
to get everything ready for the party.
And I’m guessing that’s why she has Auntie Kaori. Ha.
To remind her when she grows up
how her mom made all these amazing things
and her dad artistically decorated the whole apartment.
Just in case you didn’t notice
the theme of the party is Rainbow!
And isn’t this cake AMAZING???

It was a full house with many friends.
I thought it was hilarious how so many
single guys were there to celebrate Peanut’s birthday.
But then again, she is that cute.

I think she had a blast.
(Look at her opening her presents!)
Took a group picture after half of the people had left
but I really like this picture for some reason.
Happy first birthday Peanut!!! xx

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