That Road Trip to Ehime

My sister and I went on a road trip!
First time heading “home” to Ehime
(because my parents moved down there this spring).
And we drove there in Y’s tiny car!
Things happened.
We got stuck in early morning traffic,
We spend way too much time
exploringalmost every service area.
And we did not realize that
Shizuoka prefecture would go on
forever and ever.
Y picked up the speed in the end
and we somehow got there in 10 hours!
(I think blasting Lady Gaga and singing along helped) 
I had a great time!

Family photo!
So good to be back together again!
(I definitely need to practice my selfie technique)

Here we are just the girls
heading out to shop!
(You know we weren’t back for hours)

I never realized it but
Ehime has beautiful mountains.
My mom said that the mountains in Ehime
were very feminine compared to up north in Akita.
I think she may be right.
We spent the whole week just relaxing at home,
watching the Olympics (of course),
or just chatting and catching up!
We also had family dinners
with uncles and aunts who live near by.
(My daddy grew up in Ehime)
It was a really short summer (obon) vacation
but it was great seeing everybody!
Can’t wait to come back again at the end of the year! x

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