That Summer Weekend in Miyagi

Coffee is definitely a must
when driving from Tokyo to Miyagi 
from 11pm on a Friday night.
(well, I slept most of the way…)
But really really excited to be back in Yamamoto.

We always stay with a local friend
and make breakfast together.
Volunteering to help out local farmers.
Ready to get down and dirty.

This was my first time stepping into a plastic greenhouse.
We were helping out at a strawberry farm.
Learned so many new things
both about farming strawberries and building greenhouses.

Working all day under the sun was very hot.

But the cool breeze from the ocean
made it much easier on us.

We filled planters with soil for the strawberries
to prepare it for the planting process.
It’s amazing how much you can acomplish
when you’re all working together.
It’s the best.

I learned that the greenhouse is a very complex structure.
Like how you can remove the
entire front wall to bring large machines inside.
Or how heavy the actual wall is.
The farmers who deal with this are amazing.

After our working hours
we were actually given an award!
We got to taste strawberry jam
made from strawberries picked from this farm.
And it was delicious!!!
Yamamoto strawberries really are the best!!!

K wearing her Yamamoto tshirt.
It says
“Bring our Hearts Together.”

We stopped by the local fishing port.
Yamamoto’s only fishing port.
Entrance was prohibited until a while ago
but now that the rebuilding of the embankment has begun
there were actually a few boats floating in the port.
We stood there a moment
looking at the boats.
“Every time I come back there’s one more boat,”
K said in a quiet tone.
For some reason what she said made an impression on me
as we sat there, listening to the sound of waves.
Looking out to sea.

Before dinner, we stopped by an onsen.
The rotenburo (outdoor onsen) felt amazing
after a day of working under the sun.

Meeting up with our
local volunteer friends for dinner.

Stopping by the supermarket for a nightcap 🙂

The next day we helped clear a field.
Again, everything is so fast
when we all work together as a group.

Shimi-ten (凍天) is a local treat.
It’s a doughnut with sweet bean paste inside.
So delicious.
Group picture, including the dog.
So blessed to have this opportunity.
To come here with friends
and to interact with local acquaintances.
Yamamoto, I’ll be back soon. x

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