That Goodbye to Grandpa in Okinawa

My sweet handsome grandpa.
I can still hear his voice saying
“Ah Kaori-chan?”
every time I would call.
We knew he wasn’t doing well
but it still came as a surprise to me.
I flew to Okinawa
to say goodbye to my grandpa.
Grandpa’s family grave had a beautiful view from above the hill.
My grandma said that he’ll rest peacefully here.
I agree.

The yard that grandpa always took good care of
was lush with green leaves.
As if he were still there.

Grandma looked so lonely.
And strong at the same time.
She told us over and over again
“thank you for coming.”
That night
we all gathered around the table for dinner.
Grandma sat there quietly eating,
listening to everyone still reminiscing about grandpa.
So many stories.
So much love.
My eyes went to my grandma.
Still quietly eating, still listening.
But every once in awhile
her face would relax into a soft smile.

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