That Wedding in Kagoshima

*Throwback Thursday: I’m slowly (very slowly) going to be bringing my old posts to this blog.

The special day is finally here!
My BFF’s wedding!
S was so beautiful.
Everyone saw how she shined
especially her husband. Aw.

The wedding reception was fabulous, too!

S had asked me to do the speech at the reception.
Ended up taking over a month
writing it, fixing it, and practicing it.
Somehow I got through it.
My speech instructor in college used to always tell me
“Speak slowly, don’t cry.”
Well, I tried to speak slowly
but couldn’t help crying here and there.
I mean, it was my best friend
and this was my first ever wedding speech!
(Cut me some slack here…haha)
But I made S cry, too, so it wasn’t just me 😉

Happiest of marriages to this amazing couple!

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