That Day Snowboarding in Niigata

I made my snowboard debut!!!
Whoop whoop!!!
I really sucked at skiing
so I don’t have very fond memories of
mountains, especially when they come with snow.
But it was tons of fun!!!

The weather was perfect!
I somehow made it onto the lift
and got off at the top of the mountain
without falling down.
All my friends were already snowboarders
so I told them to go do their thing.
I figured I’d watch other people and figure this out.
At first I was pretty timid
but after seeing people snowboarding
I got a little more bold.
Which meant more falls.
But that’s how you learn, right?
The mountains were beautiful and the air so refreshing.
I literally could not move the next day
but it was totally worth it.
Yay for snowboarding!!!

That Pathway of Roses in Osaka

They say roses are cliche
but I still think they’re still beautiful.
Look at all these colors!
Nakanoshima is a little island
in the middle of Okawa river in Osaka.
They have a large rose garden that blooms this season.
It’s called “Pathway of Roses.”
We took a walk there one afternoon
and not only were they pretty but smelled lovely, too!