That Pathway of Roses in Osaka

They say roses are cliche
but I still think they’re still beautiful.
Look at all these colors!
Nakanoshima is a little island
in the middle of Okawa river in Osaka.
They have a large rose garden that blooms this season.
It’s called “Pathway of Roses.”
We took a walk there one afternoon
and not only were they pretty but smelled lovely, too!

That Sister Time in Osaka

The church in Osaka is beautiful.
Apparently it was built around the pipe organ.
I love the wood and lights!
After church, I took pictures with my baby sister.
She’s still into her fake glasses 😉

Because we only get to see each other once or twice a year
I try to soak up sister time when I have it.
She’ll be going to boarding school next year
which means even less sister time.
She’s growing up so fast.
Being so many years apart has its perks,
I can give her advice and of course buy her things.
But I wish we were all still living together.
I miss having everyone together.
I don’t get bonding time with her
as much as I did with my other sister growing up.
Hope she knows that I love her dearly
even though we’re miles apart most of the time.

That Walk Around Osaka

I came home to Osaka
and found my entire family down with the flu.
Actually my baby sister was okay.
But instead of a festive Christmas
we had a very low-key holiday this year.
It was actually kind of nice to just relax and take it slow.

After lazying around at home
I decided I needed to get out and explore a bit.
So my baby sister and I took the subway
into the city for some shopping!