The Tattly Tattoos

I’m so excited!!!
Look what I found in Harajuku!!!
I’ve had a crush on these Tattly tattoos for a while now.
They are slightly dorky
and so super duper cute!!!
Don’t you think?
Here are a few of my favorites:

PS: I found some you can buy in Japan domestically online here.
But Tattly also does international delivery
so you can just buy it directly on their website.

The Solaryman

So many things about the SOLARYMAN series appeals to me.
And I think it’s the same reason behind the concept that
inspired photographer Yuki Aoyama to do this series.
SORALYMAN is made up of
the word sora (sky) and salaryman.
In Japan salaryman refers to the business men
who wear suits everyday and work in a large corporation.
Back in the day (not sure when exactly)
salarymen were considered to be a powerful force
behind the economic growth of Japan.
These days though, a lot of people think of  salarymen
as over-worked and under-payed.
(which is kind of true.)
And what with this economy,
many of these salarymen are not as upbeat as before.
This is why I love the SOLARYMAN series.
It doesn’t show the tired salarymen squeezed into
a packed train during their morning commute.
It shows these salarymen jumping around
all energetic and full of character!
Which they are.
I should know.
I work with them everyday.
And not being biased or anything
they are the best coworkers!
So, what do you think?

If you like this series
they are displaying poster size photos
from the SOLARYMAN series at
Libro Ikebukuro Honten Bookstore until Jan 27th.

The Belgian Tree

Traditional Christmas trees are the best.
The smell is great and it looks fantastic when all lit up.
But since I’ve never seen a place in Japan
that sells real Christmas trees (do we even have them?),
you have to get creative.
And although our fake Christmas trees are pretty awesome,
I find myself going for the crafty artsy type more often than not.
So when I spotted this article,
I literally gasped!
Look at this gorgeous Christmas tree made from tea cups and plates!
This tree was designed by MOOZ for a small town in Belgium.

Apparently these cups and plates were donated by local residents
and about 5,000 of them are used to decorate this 30 ft tree.


We could never do this here in Tokyo.
Earthquakes and precious china do not mix well.
But what a great idea!
Absolutely love it.