December Link Love 

The holidays are here! Whoop whoop!

I am welcoming December with open arms this year, bring on the Christmas songs and merry gatherings! And by merry gatherings, I mean bonenkai, of course. Just kidding, I am actually cutting back on all the bonenkai this season and going to only a selected few. Makes the few more special, don’t you think?

December is like a blur every year. My head is already filled with a long list of things I need to do. I’m sure yours is, too. But this year I’m going to take deliberate time to enjoy this season with family and friends and to just soak it all in. Or in other words, what cookie monster said.

I hope you’re all staying warm and enjoying the holidays! xx

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Embrace winter like a Norwegian.

A 2015 update of Ironic (has it truly been 20 years since Jagged Little Pill?).

– I never get tired of this smart kid and his tiger.

Screw finding your passion.

– Ah this postage stamp is too delicious!

– This happens to me sometimes.

– “How will we change the world if the lady cats are always in dresses?

China from above is fascinating.

– Climb every mountain and get these pins!

Interesting look into Japan.

4 thoughts on “December Link Love ”

  1. Finding out your passion is an adventure that is fun if you make it so. Doing your passion is a different thing.

    Yup, I hypnic jerk at times too. I usuallt wake up, breathe, then pass out quickly.

    I never read that children's book. Don't know it. Maybe I did but don't remember.

    Lastly, that look into Japan was a bit stereotypical. Maybe because I'm not Japanese but it all seemed standard to me. Felt a lot of the same but I never went to Jiro or the fish market in the early morning. Never cared to. I can see how that post was interesting though.


  2. It's really just all about how you look at what you do, whether it's your passion or not. I usually don't know until I look back on things. Or maybe too lazy to care, as long as I'm having fun 🙂

    I had that children's book in my kindergarten. I don't even remember specifically but it was interesting to see all the changes.

    Well, to be fair, he was in Japan for maybe a week so stereotypical is about all you can expect. But I was more impressed by his History in One Sentence bit. And yes, I rolled my eyes at “everything is incredibly clean and orderly,” too. But after being in Japan for so long, I don't even remember what my stereotypical impressions of Japan were at first so I'm always interested in how others see Japan. (PS: Do you think I can go to Jiro and only order eggs and cucumber rolls? Hehe)


  3. Having fun is the most important thing in life.

    One week in Tokyo is rushed and you are right, you really can only do the stereotypical things. It did bring back memories of my first time here and my first month living here. I feel completely different now.

    PS: Jiro would probably smack you on the head for that. 😉 Ever hear the story of a Chinese girl who asked to get her omakase changed or a bag to take home? She was thrown out, banned, and the Chinese internet shamed her for being angry at the restaurant and being insensitive to Japanese customs. Oh well, there is always a first. 😀


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