The Trip to Washington DC

There is nothing like this view above the clouds to get me excited for a trip ahead!
Especially when the trip starts in Washington DC. My five days there with my grade school bff’s family were filled with lots of laughs, good food, and seeing old friends. And when my favorite two year old welcomes me with an excited high-pitched “Auntie Kaoriiiiiiiiiiiiiii” at the door, it really doesn’t get any better than that.
I can’t believe how fast this little girl is growing. The last time I saw her, we had her first birthday party and she wasn’t talking yet. Just a word here or there. But now she’s chattering away and it completely blew me away! Every time we would get in the car, she would remind me, “Auntie Kaori, seat belt!” Yes, ma’am! Oh, and her prayers before her bedtime? So stinkin’ precious, I melt every time.
Every time I come to DC it feels more like home because of this family. I love getting to visit and spend time with them. And you know I’m already looking forward to the next time! xx
Here are some pictures:
Graffiti art on a wall in Bethesda

Our Mexican dinner was delicious and we were all stuffed by the end of our meal.

K loves the horses…even after one almost bit her. She said, “horse eat my hand!”

K making a handmade birthday present for her her tia (aunt in spanish).

We threw a surprise birthday party for E’s sister-in-law (blog post to follow!).

Our mutual grade school friend, who lives in the DC area, came over for brunch! 😀

Had fun at the local park on a sunny morning. This girl is fearless.
Spent the afternoon chatting with an old friend (who both E and I babysat! crazy!).
It was fall in DC and some of the leaves were such pretty colors.

Loved seeing this girl and her fabulous family! xx

Had such a great time in DC…now heading to Chicago from this lovely airport. x

5 thoughts on “The Trip to Washington DC”

  1. Oh wow! You had me at the very first photo 🙂 Even though I hate flying, I love the view from planes. And it looks like you had such a great time. Your friend's little girl is such a cutie! And what a good idea about finger painting in diapers. Maybe I'll give it a try 🙂

    And that shot of the airport is just breathtaking!


  2. I really had the best time in DC! I just realized that little K is only a little bit older than you're little cutie pie. It's such an adorable age where you can start conversing with them 😀

    The diaper painting project was even more creative (I forgot to take a picture!) because the slate had stickers on it so when K hand painted over it, later her dad took all the stickers off when the paint dried, to show white letters that wrote out a message. It was the perfect handmade present!


  3. Here I am, on Africa time, but I've been drowning in work and bla bla excuses excuses.

    Good to have you back and to read all your posts! There's only one problem: the food is making me SO jealous. A girl can't live on rice alone, you know! ;p

    PS: Horse! Happy!


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