The Lunch Break at the Park

It got so much warmer outside all of a sudden!
No chills when stepping out of the house.
No more winter stockings.
(PS: I was so happy I actually threw them all out!)
(PPS: I may regret it later but it felt good!)
So so wonderful.
Gorgeous days like this call out to me.
I feel the need to go outside and bask under the sunlight.
So…I did!!!
I made a mad dash to Shinjuku Gyoen
during my lunch break one day.
It was GREAT!!!
I love the calm and beauty of this place.
So relaxing under the sun.
You can bet once I got there
I was dragging my feet going back to the office.

Oh and the pink plum blossoms were still in bloom!
They smell really sweet.
Did you know?
I took so much time taking pictures
and sniffing all the blossoms
that I had to make another mad dash across the grass.
Running barefoot felt AMAZING!
Best lunch break ever.

6 thoughts on “The Lunch Break at the Park”

  1. Bare foot’n it on warm grass. What a life!

    I was curious about your pink-sponge Mochitto Double Stawberry Sandwich and see that it has strawberry jam and whipped cream filling. And two in a pack! I was not long ago wondering if you could make your granola bars into fruit bars by layering in chopped or mashed fresh (or cooked?) strawberries, blueberries, dates, figs or other fruit (a layer of granola, then fruit, topped with more granola, then baked). Probably just another lame idea of mine.


  2. I go barefoot as often as possible, grass is so rare around here!

    The fruit granola sounds intriguing! I've been thinking about doing a different combination of fruits, too. I think it would work if they were dried fruits. Fresh may end up to be too mushy 😉


  3. You are completely right. The juices from fresh fruit would make the bottom layer mushy. Actually I was kind of thinking of something like date bars but with other fruit (it would have to be made into something paste-like though). This could be finagled. No-bake date squares here. Baked date squares here. Here are some no-bake blueberry almond oat bars. Banana breakfast oat cakes here. Another easily adjusted granola bar recipe here. There are a lot of recipes out there in Google Land. I hope you can find one or a few that are copacetic.


  4. Dates are so good for you! But they are ridiculously expensive here in Japan so I hadn't even considered using it. But you've given me an idea…maybe I'll try figs! I've got tons of recipes from Pinterest on my “to try” list, too. They all look so good! Please let me know if one of those recipes work well for you! 😀


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